11th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment
(1st South Downs)

11th Bn Royal Sussex at Cooden October 1914 (©Paul Reed)

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This battalion was formed on 7th September 1914 by Lieutenant Colonel Claude Lowther MP and Committee. The principal recruiting offices were located at:

Bexhill on Sea






Some 1,100 men enlisted in 56 hours.

All original enlistments were given an "SD" (South Downs) prefix to their regimental number.

The original composition of the Battalion was:

A Company : Eastbourne double company.

B Company : Eastbourne, Bexhill and Hastings.

C Company : Worthing, Herstmonceux, Horsham and Newhaven.

D Company : Bognor and Chichester.


Training took place at Cooden Camp, near Bexhill, from September 1914 until July 1915. At this stage the War Office took over direct control of the battalion and it moved to Detling Camp, near Maidstone in Kent. On 29th September 1915 the battalion moved to North Camp, Aldershot. In October it became part of 116th Brigade, 39th Division. This division had been formed at Winchester in August 1915, but concentrated at Witley via Aldershot in October/November 1915. From this date until March 1916, the battalion stayed at Witley Camp.

It crossed to France via Southampton on 5th/6th March 1916, landing at Havre.

It served on the Western Front with 116th Brigade, 39th Division until the Spring of 1918. Following heavy losses in the German Offensive of March/April 1918 the battalion was reduced to a training cadre on 23rd May 1918. It moved to Boulogne as part of the 25th Division on 30th June 1918, and then crossed to England. The battalion was reformed at Aldershot, moved to Deal (Kent) and absorbed other Royal Sussex Regiment personnel and the 13th Battalion Royal West Kents. At this stage it was part of the 75th Brigade, 25th Division. On 9th September 1918 this unit became the 236th Brigade and left the 25th Division, sailing from Dundee to North Russia on 17th October 1918. After service here, it returned to England in mid-1919 and was finally disbanded.

Battles and Engagements



30 June                                     Boar’s Head, Richebourg [D Company only]


Battles of the Somme

3 September                             Fighting on the Ancre [Hamel]

26-28 September                     Battle of the Thiepval Ridge

5 October – 11 November       Battle of the Ancre Heights

14 October                                 Capture of the Schwaben Redoubt

21 October                                 Capture of Stuff Trench

13 & 14 November                     Battle of the Ancre



Battles of Ypres (3rd Ypres)

31 July – 2 August                     Battle of the Pilckem Ridge   

16-18 August                             Battle of Langemarck

20-25 September                     Battle of the Menin Road Ridge

29 October – 10 November     Second Battle of Passchendaele



First Battles of the Somme

22-23 March             Battle of St Quentin

24-25 March             Actions on the Somme crossings

24-25 March             Battle of Bapaume

26-27 March             Battle of Rozieres

Battles of the Lys

16 April                     Fighting on the Wytschaete Ridge

17-19 April               First Battle of Kemmel Ridge

25-26 April               Second Battle of Kemmel Ridge

29 April                     Battle of the Scherpenberg


Commanding Officers

Sept 1914 – July 1915         Lieut Colonel C.Lowther MP
July 1915 – June 1916         Lieut Colonel H.J.M.Grisewood
July 1916 – March 1917      Lieut Colonel G.H.Harrison DSO
March 1917 – June 1917     Lieut Colonel W.C.Millward DSO
June 1917                             Lieut Colonel E.N.Snepp (Norfolk Regt)
June 1917 – July 1917         Lieut Colonel C.E.Cummins (12th Durham Light Inf)
July 1917 – March 1918       Lieut Colonel W.C.Millward DSO


Original Officers September 1914

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col C.Lowther MP

Major: G.G.E. de la Warr


Grisewood, H.J.M.

Grosvenor, Hon. R.

Howard, W.

Leith, F.

Lytton, Hon. N.

Paget, O.


Lieutenants: Grisewood, G.             Second Lieutenants: Bennett, G.

                        Hughes, S.                                                     Burgess, C.

                        Kidd, L.                                                         Cassels, E.

                        Page, E.                                                        Cunningham, K.

                        Pratt, G.                                                         Harrison, C.C.

                        Read, W.                                                        Penruddocke, C.

                        Trew, R.                                                         Winsland, F.

                        Tyler, H.


Quarter-Master: Trydell, W.F. Hon Lieut-QM

Medical Officer: Dr W.Amsden

Officers March 1916


Commanding Officer: Lt-Col H.J.Grisewood

Major: Hon N.S. Lytton

Adjutant: Capt C.E.A.Terry (late Buffs)

Quarter-Master: Hon Lieut-QM B.F.Swain

Captains: G.E.S.Campbell                             Lieutenants: G.Bennett

                    E.Cassels                                                                 C.Burgess

                    G.M.J.A.Grisewood                                                 C.Campbell-Harris

                    W.C.Millward                                                             F.Cassels

                    J.W.W.Nason                                                            J.H.Cooling

                    O.Paget                                                                     E.S.Northcote

H.Tyler                                                                         C.Penruddocke


Second Lieutenants:

F.W.Battley R.G.K.Limbery-Buse

H.H.Beardsley R.H.Lupton

N.C.Carter C.L.Mitchell

A.E.Charlwood P.W.M.Orme

A.B.Cragg A.R.M.Pearing

F.Grisewood R.H.Richards

L.A.Groves T.A. St John

E.B.T.Jones A.G.Vidler





Summary of Battalion Casualties March 1916 – April 1918

  Killed Wounded Missing Killed (c) Wounded Missing
Richebourg 30.6.16 - 4 2 (a) 30 (4) 80 32
Hamel 3.9.16 - 3 8 (a) 105 (5) 160 123
Stuff Trench 21.10.16 3 3 - 73 (11) 186 77
Ypres 31.7.17 1 3 1(b) 27 (150 K/W/M) - -
Menin Road 24/27.9.17 3 7 - 51 (195 K/W/M) - -
Somme March 1918 3 11 6 (b) 67 (300 K/W/M) - -
Ypres 16/27.4.18 1 1 1(b) 40 ("heavy casualties") - -


K : Killed in Action
W : Wounded
M : Missing

(a) Subsequently known to have been killed.
(b) Subsequently known to have been taken prisoner.
(c) Figures from ‘Soldiers Died in the Great War’; figures in brackets are from Btn ‘War Diary’.



Blunden, Edmund Undertones of War (First published 1928)

bullet Memoir by one of the major twentieth century War Poets who served with the 11th Btn from May 1916 until February 1918. Mentions many names, both officers and men. A superb account of the battalions activities.

Lytton, Neville The Press and the General Staff (Collins 1920)

bullet The author was an original 11th Btn officer who was later attached to the Staff of the 39th Division, and eventually posted to GHQ. Mentions the names of many officers.

McPhail, Helen On The Trail of the Poets: Edmund Blunden (Pen & Sword Books 1999)

bullet One of a number of guidebooks in the ‘Battleground Europe’ series following some of the major war poets. This one deals with Edmund Blunden, and covers his service well – with a few minor errors. Some good photos, including named portraits and groups.


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