31st OCTOBER 1914

The 2nd Worcestershire Regiment was part of 5th Brigade, 2nd Division, and crossed to France on 13th August 1914, and was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel C.B.Westmacott. It did not serve at Mons, and was at Landrecies during the Retreat From Mons. After fighting on the Marne and the Aisne, it moved to Flanders in October.

On 31st October a much depleted battalion, lead by Major E.B.Hankey, was in reserve at Polygon Wood. Orders were given for a counter-attack on Gheluvelt, which had been over-run by the enemy. Hankey sent his pioneers forward to cut the wire on the route the battalion would take, and at 2pm the unit moved off. Using all available cover, the last lap was over open ground, so Hankey gave the order to double. His men smashed into the flanks of the Saxon troops sweeping into the chateau grounds. At the point of the bayonet the tide of battle was turned, and the battalion met up with the survivors of 1st South Wales Borderers. Gheluvelt had been retaken.

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4th Worceters Memorial Gheluvelt Chateau Detail of Gheluvelt Chateau

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