AIF – 285
UK – 50
NZ – 21
Ceylon – 3
Unit not known – 21
Spec Mem - 11


Beach Cemetery was used from the day of the Landing at Anzac, almost until the Evacuation. There are now nearly 400, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, over 20 are unidentified and the names of ten soldiers from Australia, one from New Zealand, for whose burial in the cemetery there is evidence, are recorded on special tablets. The Cemetery covers an area of 2,049 square metres.



Beach Cemetery is situated on what was known as Hell Spit, at the southern point of Anzac Cove. The graves lie between the Kelia-Suvla road and the beach, and the Cross is on the east side of the road.



bulletPte J.S.Kirkpatrick 3rd Field Ambulance AMC  (I-F-1)

- Killed 19th May 1915

- ‘Simpson and his Donkey’

bulletLieut-Colonel G.Braund 2nd Bn AIF (I-A-40)

- Killed 4th May 1915

- Age 48

- Vegetarian & theosophist

- A "man of strong ideas, a total abstainer, and a man of vigorous action" (Bean)

 - Killed by an Australian sentry – Braund was partly deaf.

bulletCapt E. (‘Bob’) Bage 3rd Field Coy AE (I-D-7)

        - Killed 7th May 1915

        - Member of 1911-13 Antarctic Expedition

        - "Robert Bage Memorial Scholarship" at University of Melbourne
bulletLieutenant William Dawkins 2nd Field Coy RE (I-H-3)

- Killed 12th May 1915

- ‘Dawkins Point’ named after him.

bulletCommander E.H.Cater HMS Lord Nelson

- Killed 7th August 1915

- "The Bloke with the glass eye" (AIF slang)

- Had a ‘King size monocle’

- In charge of the landings at ANZAC

- Killed on the beach while helping men under shrapnel fire

bulletPte Albert Mummery 23rd Bn AIF (II-G-2)

- Age 17.

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