AIF - 125
UK - 93
NZ - 64


Embarkation Pier is on the North side of the mouth of Chailak Dere, at the North end of Ocean Beach (or North Beach); and the cemetery is a little way inland, between the beach and the road from Anzac to Suvla. Early in August 1915, this neighbourhood was occupied by the Headquarters of two Divisions, and later by a Casualty Clearing Station. The pier was made for the purpose of evacuating wounded from the Battle of Sari Bair, but it came under heavy rifle and shell fire and was abandoned after two days. The cemetery consists (except for five graves) of concentrations from the cemeteries known as Chailak Dere Nos. 1 and 2, Mulberry Tree, and Apex, and from isolated graves. Embarkation Pier Cemetery covers an area of 4,477 square yards; and it contains the graves of 13 named soldiers from New Zealand and 7 from Australia, and of 662 men whose names and units are alike unknown. Special memorials are erected to 118 soldiers from Australia, 93 from the United Kingdom (including many of the 6th Leinsters who fell in August in the Battle of Sari Bair), and 51 from New Zealand, who are known or believed to be buried among the unknown graves. Beyond the West end of the cemetery is a belt of cypresses, thirty feet wide; on the North and South sides are similar belts of pines; and cypresses are planted at intervals within the wall, with rosemary marking the Plots. 


Embarkation Pier is on the north side of the mouth of Chailak Dere, at the north end of Ocean Beach (or North Beach). The cemetery is a little way inland, between the beach and the road from Anzac to Suvla.



Tpr W.A.Baker  9th Light Horse

- Killed 28th November 1915, aged 35.
- Inscription on his headstone reads:
" Brother Bill a sniping fell, we miss him still, we ever will."


Rev. Andrew A. Gillison  Australian Army Chaplain attached 14th Bn AIF

- Died of wounds 22nd August 1915, aged 47.
- Mortally wounded at Hill 60 by sniper fire while collecting wounded off the battlefield.


Captain J.Hailles  Army Ordnance Corps 54th Division

- 1st September 1915, aged 43.
- One of the few AOC casualties buried at Gallipoli.


Lieutenant Colonel C.E.Thomas  New Zealand Medical Corps

- Killed at Hill 60 28th August 1915, aged 50.
- Born in India; educated at Cheltenham College; served in the Boer War.
- Doctor in Timaru, New Zealand.


Lieutenant N.T.Worthington  6th King's Own

- Died of wounds 8th August 1915, aged 31.
- From Dublin.
- The inscription on his grave reads:
" They never fail who die in a great cause."


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