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Gallipoli 2007

May 2007 saw me back in Gallipoli, again with another group from Leger Holidays

Changes In Gallipoli

The roads down to Gallipoli had improved again since last year, and certainly knocked some time off the journey down. Unfortunately the road situation around ANZAC seem to have got worse, with the approach roads a sea of mud following collapse from the banks above them. 

Thanks to Bill Sellars we were able to visit the new Suvla Bay Museum at Buyuk Anafarta - details of this will be added to the site soon.

We once again stayed in Hotel Kum, which proved an excellent base, with superb food and the rooms improved even since last year. Highly recommended!

Photo Gallery

Some photos from this trip:

2007_0520_160114AA.JPG (569821 bytes) V Beach from the high ground.
2007_0520_155802AA.JPG (570531 bytes) Model of V Beach
2007_0522_093126AA.JPG (555148 bytes) Leger Group at ANZAC (1)
2007_0522_093231AA.JPG (569483 bytes) Leger Group at ANZAC (2)
2007_0523_151816AA.JPG (553913 bytes) The Sphinx
2007_0523_114416AA.JPG (600380 bytes) Lunch at Hill 10
2007_0523_124818AA.JPG (577738 bytes) Hill 10 Cemetery

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