I have been a member of the Gallipoli Association since the mid-1980s, and while it is not as big or active as something like the Western Front Association, it is an excellent society, and publishes a superb journal, The Gallipolian three times a year. Articles in it were very useful when we planned our visit their.

The stated objectives of the Gallipoli Association are:

"The Gallipoli Association's objective is to preserve the memory of the men who served in and commemorate the events of the Great War campaign on the Gallipoli peninsula Turkey that took place between April 1915 and January 1916.

The Association has members worldwide. They range from veterans of the campaign itself, authors, specialists and amateur historians to relatives of those who served and those who simply have a desire to remember."

It has a good web site at:

For further details contact:

The Gallipoli Association
PO Box 26907
SE21 8WB

Cheques should be made payable to 'The Gallipoli Association'.

You can also join Online via Paypal at the website above.

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