31st OCTOBER 1914

Part of 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, the 1st South Wales Borderers crossed to France on 12th August 1914 commanded by Lieutenant Colonel H.E.B.Leach. It first engaged the enemy near Mons, when men from the battalion fired on an Uhlan patrol near Peissant on 24th August. It then took part in the Retreat From Mons, on the Marne and on the Aisne, before moving to Flanders in October.

Going into the line near Langemarck on 21st October, the unit fought in the defence of Ypres, suffering heavy casualties near Poelcapelle. On 31st October the battalion was dug-in along the Gheluvelt-Poezelhoek Road. It came under concerted attacks in the area of the Gheluvelt Chateau, being forced back to Polderhoek Chateau. Some elements were still in a sunken lane in the village, and held until until reached by men of the 2nd Worcesters. The next day the survivors were withdrawn to Sanctuary Wood.

ŠPaul Reed 2004

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