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Great War Lives

Great War Lives by Paul Reed (Pen & Sword October 2010)

New Facebook page for the book:

This is my new book about the Great War due to be released in November 2010.

Details of the book from Pen & Sword:

"The Great War was a key event of the twentieth century and it is one of the most popular and rewarding areas for historical research - and for family historians. More records than ever are available to researchers whose relatives served during the war, and Paul Reedís new book is the perfect guide to how to locate and understand these sources - and get the most out of them. In fascinating detail he follows the stories of twelve service men who fought and died in the Great War Ė a rifleman, an infantry officer, a tunneller, a gunner, a Royal Marine, a naval rating, an airman, and others. He describes their wartime careers and shows how they fitted into the armed forces. He looks at what they did, at their lives in the front line, in the rear areas, on leave, and at the conditions they endured and the experiences they had. And he demonstrates how the research was done and how the lives of these individuals were reconstructed - the methods that were used, the sources that were consulted.

Paul Reedís informative and accessible book will be essential reading and reference for anyone who wants to find out about the Great War and is keen to understand the part an ancestor played in it."

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