UK - 772
AIF - 2
NZ - 1


Green Hill and Chocolate Hill (which form together Yilghin Burnu) are adjoining pieces of high ground, about 170 feet above sea level and which rise almost from the Eastern shore of the Salt Lake at Suvla. (The latter was named from the colour of its dried, or burnt, scrub.) They were captured on the 7th August 1915, by the 6th Lincolns and the 6th Border Regiment. However, no further advance was then made. Further advances went in on the following two days, but in vain, to push on along the ridge of "W" Hill, leading to Anafarta Sagir. On the 21st August the attack of the 11th (Northern) and 29th Divisions, along with the 2nd South Midland Mounted Brigade, although pressed with great resolution, left the front line where it had been. 

Green Hill Cemetery was made after the war by the concentration of isolated graves from the Suvla battlefields of August 1915, and from certain small cemeteries. These earlier burial grounds were known as York; 40th Brigade Nos. 1 and 2; Green Hill Nos. 1 and 2; Chocolate Hill; Inniskilling; Salt Lake; and Scimitar Hill (which contained 520 graves, almost all unidentified). The cemetery covers an area of 10,458 square yards; and it contains the graves of 773 soldiers from the United Kingdom (including a very high proportion of Yeomanry), two from Newfoundland, and 2,196 whose unit in our forces could not be ascertained. The unnamed graves number 2,589, and special memorials are erected to 117 soldiers from the United Kingdom who are known, or believed, to be buried among them. The cemetery is planted with cypresses and shrubs, and enclosed on three sides with a broad belt of pines or shrubs. It is shaped like a cross; the pylon stands in the middle, and the plots containing the unidentified graves are outlined by rosemary and evergreen shrubs.


The cemetery lies on the east side of the Anzac-Suvla Road and can be seen from Suvla and from Anzac.



Private E.W.Farrow  6th Bn Border Regiment

- Killed 21st August 1915, aged 16.
- The inscription on his headstone reads:
"He leapt to arms unbidden"


Brigadier General Thomas earl of Longford KP MVO  HQ Staff 2nd Mounted Brigade

- Killed 21st August 1915, aged 50.
- Born at Dublin; first commissioned 1887. Seved in the Boer War where he commanded an Imperial Yeomanry battalion.
- Killed in attack on Scimitar Hill, along with four other senior officers.


Lieutenant Colonel H.G.A.Moore  6th East Yorks

- Killed 9th August 1915, aged 50.
- Bayonet by the Turks, following surrender.
- First commissioned 1891; served in the Nile Expedition 1898.


Lieutenant W.F.G.Niven   Berskhire Yeomanry

- Killed 21st August 1915, aged 37, in attack on Scimitar Hill.
- Father of the actor, David Niven.


Lieutenant Noel Oxland  6th Bn Border Regiment

- Killed 9th August 1915, aged 24.
- Educated at Durham School and Worcester College, Oxford.
- Gallipoli poet.
- His poems appeared in the Times August 1915; was a friend and contemporary of William Noel Hodgson who fell on the Somme in July 1916.


Lieutenant Colonel B.E.Phillips  1/5th Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers

- Killed 10th August 1915, aged 51.
- Mentioned in despatches; he was the pre-war commander of this battalion.


Lieutenant Colonel S.G.Sheppard DSO  Hertfordshire Yeomanry

- Died of wounds 21st August 1915, aged 50.
- Educated at Eton; member of the Stock Exchange from 1887.
- Served in the Boer War with Imperial Yeomanry; awarded DSO.


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