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The village of Guemappe was captured on 23rd-24th April 1917 by elements of 15th (Scottish) Division. It fell back into German hands on 23rd March 1918, during their Spring Offensive, and the ground was retaken by the Canadian Corps in August. The cemetery was started by burial parties from 15th (Scottish) Division following the capture of the village, and once the front was stable, it remained in use until January 1918. The graves were severely damaged by shell-fire in 1918. Of the total burials, 112 are from 8th Seaforths and 9th Black Watch.


Wancourt is a village about 8 kilometers south-east of Arras, and Guemappe British Cemetery is about 1 kilometre north-east of the village, to the south of the junction of the roads to Monchy-le-Preux and Guemappe (D34).


bulletPlot I, Rows B, C, D are mainly graves from April 1917, with 23rd April being a common date found.
bulletPlot I, Row E is an 'officers plot' with three Black Watch and five Seaforth Highlanders officers buried here. This accounts for all but one of the officers who fell in this action from these two units.

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