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Hervin Farm British Cemetery is 50 yards south of the road from St. Laurent-Blangy to Fampoux, and just a little east of the railway embankment; Hervin Farm, which was taken by the 9th (Scottish) Division on the 9th April 1917, is on the other side of the railway. The cemetery was made by fighting units and Field Ambulances in April, 1917 during the opening stage of the Battle of Arras, and three graves were added later. It contains the graves of 51 soldiers from the United Kingdom, of whom three are unidentified. It covers an area of 467 square yards. It is enclosed by a wall of flint and stands on the slope between the river Scarpe and the road.


St.Laurent-Blangy lies about 3 kilometres north-east of Arras. Hervin Farm British Cemetery lies about one kilometre east of St. Laurent-Blangy, to the south of the road from St. Laurent-Blangy to Fampoux. It is better to park on the road and walk down to the cemetery, as the access road is narrow and there is no room to turn round at the bottom.


bulletBrigadier General C.Gosling CMG  KRRC & General Staff

- Commanded Brigade, 4th Division.
- Killed 12th April 1917.

bulletLieutenant Colonel S.G.Mullock  2nd Bn Essex Regiment

- Killed 12th April 1917.


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