AIF - 3
NZ - 1


Johnston's Jolly (called by the Turks Kirmezi Sirt, or "Red Ridge") was the northern half of the "400 Plateau," and Lone Pine was the Southern half. The name was due to the 2nd Australian Division Artillery AIF, commanded by Brigadier-General G. J. Johnston, C.B., C.M.G., V.D. The position was reached by the 2nd Australian Infantry Brigade on 25th April 1915, and lost on the 26th - it was not retaken, even in the capture of Lone Pine. The cemetery was made after the war by the concentration of graves from the surrounding battlefield. It contains the graves of three soldiers from Australia, one from New Zealand, and 141 whose unit in our forces could not be ascertained. Only one grave is identified; but special memorials are erected to 36 soldiers from Australia (almost all of whom belonged to the 4th and 7th Battalions, and most of whom fell in the Capture of Lone Pine), believed to be buried in the cemetery. The graves cover an area of 581 square yards. On each side of them is a wide belt of shrubs, and behind them a belt of trees.


Johnston's Jolly Cemetery stands on the northern part of Plateau 400 in the Anzac part of the Peninsula. It is well signposted as you come into the ANZAC area. There are large trench systems in the wooden area opposite, as well as entrances to dugouts and tunnels. The latter should be entered with caution!


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