UK - 114
CEF - 142


Maple Copse was the name given by the British Army (its use pre-dates the arrival of Canadian troops in 1916) to a small plantation a thousand yards east of Zillebeke, and just west of Sanctuary Wood. The area was used by various Advanced Dressing Stations, and burials took place here both before and after the Battle of Mount Sorrel (June 1916); but in that engagement, and in later fighting, the graves were almost obliterated by shell fire. The site of the Cemetery, on the north side of the Copse, was known and enclosed after the Armistice, but of 256 named graves known to exist there only 26 could be definitely located. The cemetery contains the graves of 142 Canadian soldiers and 114 from the United Kingdom, of which 230 are represented by special memorials (and by 52 unnamed graves). It covers an area of 5,811 square yards. It is enclosed by a moat and a rubble retaining wall, and planted with willows and junipers.


From Ypres, turn south at Hell Fire Corner roundabout and follow signs into the centre of Zillebeke, driving past the church to the next junction. Then turn left, and follow the road to the next turning on the left where you will see the green CWGC sign for the cemetery. Follow this road to the next junction, and turn left at a wooded area and go downhill to the cemetery, which is on the left. There is a small parking area in front.



Captain Hon. A.T.Shaughnessy (D-11)  60th Canadian Infantry

- Killed 6th June 1916, age 44.
- One of a large number of 60th Bn men buried here.

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