NZ - 13
AIF - 8
UK - 12


No. 1 and 2 Outposts were respectively South and North of the Fisherman's Hut. It was near these points that the 7th and 12th Australian Infantry Battalions landed on 25th April 1915; and on the 30th the Posts were made by the Nelson Company of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion NZEF, who buried there some of the Australian dead. No. 2 Post was the scene of heavy fighting at the end of May; and it was one of the starting-points for the Battle of Sari Bair. It contained the best well in Anzac, and the 16th Casualty Clearing Station and the New Zealand Dental Corps clinic were established near to it.

New Zealand No. 2 Outpost Cemetery was named from the burials carried out by the Nelson Company. It is, in fact, one long grave, on the East side of the Anzac-Suvla road, between No. 2 Outpost and Embarkation Pier Cemeteries. It was made in September 1915. The cemetery covers an area of 469 square yards, and it contains the graves of 2 named soldiers from the United Kingdom and 150 whose names and units are alike unknown. Special memorials are erected to 13 soldiers from New Zealand, 10 from the United Kingdom and 8 from Australia, known or believed to be buried in the cemetery. On the North and South sides of the cemetery are thick belts of shrubs, and on the East side a belt of trees thirty feet wide.


New Zealand No.2 Outpost Cemetery is a small cemetery within 100 metres of No.2 Outpost Cemetery, on the east side of the Anzac-Suvla road near Embarkation Pier Cemetery.



Colonel Neville Manders  Australian Army Medical Corps AIF

- Killed in action 9th August 1915, aged 55.
- Deputy Director of Medical Services (DDMS) at ANZAC - one of the senior medical officers.
- Was killed by a stray bullet while having breakfast at No 3 Outpost.


Captain C.G.Lutyens  6th Bn East Lancashire Regiment

- Killed in action 9th August 1915, aged 28.
- From Hascombe, Surrey.
- Relative of the architect Edwin Lutyens.

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