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Gallipoli Photos 2006 

Photographs from the recent visit to Gallipoli May 2006.




vbeach01.JPG (77986 bytes) V Beach from the Turkish positions looking down onto the beach where the 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers and 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers landed.
vbeach02.JPG (119196 bytes) New model diorama of the V Beach landings located close to the reconstructed trenches and Turkish gun battery site.
kenealyVC2006.JPG (106601 bytes) Grave of L/Sgt W. Kenealy VC, 1st Lancashire Fusiliers at Lancashire Landing Cemetery.
wbeach2006.JPG (103897 bytes) W Beach - Lancashire Landing - May 2006. The 1st Lancashire Fusiliers landed here on 25th April 1915 and won six VCs.
beachcem2006.JPG (126388 bytes) Beach Cemetery, ANZAC.
simpson2006.JPG (137923 bytes) Grave of John Simpson Kirkpatrick - 'Simpson and His Donkey'.
legergroup02.JPG (108519 bytes) The Leger group who travelled with me, picture at ANZAC, May 2006.
trenchesG02.JPG (166918 bytes) Trenches at Johnston's Jolly, close to Lone Pine.
57cem01.JPG (133832 bytes) Memorial in Turkish 57th Regiment Cemetery.
sphinx02.JPG (119808 bytes) View from Walker's Ridge down onto the Sphinx.
suvla2006.JPG (173079 bytes) View of North Beach and Suvla Bay from the Nek.
trenchesG03.JPG (125913 bytes) Reconstructed Turkish trenches at Chunuk Bair.
suvla02.JPG (90411 bytes) View across Suvla plain towards Chocolate Hill from Azmak Cemetery.
poppiesG2006.JPG (190796 bytes) Poppies, Shrapnel Valley.
ataturk01.JPG (161592 bytes) Huge photo of Kemal Ataturk made from montage of thousands of images, on building in Krithia.(Thanks to John Bilboe)
group02.JPG (149345 bytes) The group at Kum Hotel on R&R! (Thanks to John Bilboe)
sunset01.JPG (111613 bytes) Sunset over the Aegean sea. (Thanks to John Bilboe)

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