UK - 421
AIF - 3
NZ - 5


Pink Farm (properly Sotiri Farm) was a building about 2,000 yards South-West of The Redoubt, on the road from Sedd el Bahr to Geoghegan's Bluff. It was named from the red soil of the neighbourhood. Three cemeteries grew up round it, beginning with the First Battle of Krithia (28th April, 1915); and No. 3, which is Plot III and part of Plot IV of the present cemetery, contained at the Armistice 139 graves. The cemeteries known as Pink Farm Nos. 1 and 2, 29th Divisional, 52nd Divisional, Aerodrome, Oak Tree, Gully Beach and Gully Farm were brought in later. The cemetery now covers an area of 3,460 square yards. It contains the graves of 214 soldiers from the United Kingdom (including sailors and Marines of the Royal Naval Division and the Armoured Car Division and Officers of the Indian Army), three from New Zealand, two from Australia, and 164 whose unit in our forces could not be ascertained. The unnamed graves number 250; and 216 sailors or soldiers from the United Kingdom, two from New Zealand and one from Australia, known or believed to be buried among them, are commemorated on special tablets. The cemetery is surrounded by belts of pines at the back and tamarisk on the North and South sides. It rises in a North-Westerly direction, Plots I and II being on a terrace. It is almost on the top of a long ridge stretching to the village of Krithia.


Pink Farm Cemetery is south west of the Redoubt, on the road from Sedd el Bahr to Geoghegan's Bluff. I


bulletCaptain L. Gordon DSO Gordon Highlanders

- Died of wounds18th October 1915, aged 32.
- Brigade Major 129th Brigade.
- Regular soldier, first commissioned 1901. Served on the North-West Frontier in 1908, and with the Egyptian Army to 1914.

bulletLieutenant Robert Maule  1/5th Royal Scots

- Killed by shrapnel 27th May 1915, aged 31.
- The inscription on his grave reads:

" In Dear Memory of Lieut Robert Maule, 5th Bn The Royal Scots, Fell 27 May 1915, age 31 years. At Evening time shall be light."

- He was educated at Christ's College, Cambridge (M.A.)
- Joined the Territorial Force in 1912; promoted Lieutenant in 1914.

bulletMajor H.J.J.Monteith  Lanarkshire Yeomanry

- Killed 27th December 1915, aged 39.

bulletCaptain M.F.Reaney  Indian Medical Services

- Killed 2nd July 1915, aged 37.
- Native of Reading. Son of Rev. George Sale and Isabel Reaney.
- Medical officer of 1/5 Gurkha Rifles.

bulletLieutenant Colonel G.B.Stoney DSO  KOSB

- Killed 15th October 1915, aged 38.
- First commissioned 1897; served on the North-West Frontier 1897-98. Served as Captain in the Egyptian Army from 1904.

bulletMajor C.D.Vaughan DSO  1st Border Regiment

- Killed 25th April 1915, aged 47.
- Educated at Marlborough and Westward Ho.
- Commissioned 1889; took part in the Warziristan Expedition in 1894-5 and served on the North-West Frontier in 1897. Served in the Boer War; mentioned in despatches (twice) and awarded the DSO. Seved with the South African Constabulary until 1906.
- Was second in command of the 1st Border Regiment during the landings when he was killed.

bulletTwo DCM winners buried here:

- Pte J.Cowan DCM, 1/7th Highland Light Infantry, 4th December 1915. From Glasgow.
- Pte E.V.Malyon DCM, 1st Essex Regiment, 10th May 1915. From Islington.


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