AIF - 12
NZ - 8


Plugge's (pronounced 'Pluggeys') Plateau was a steep hill rising 100m from ANZAC Cove and was captured at a very early stage in the landings, being named after a New Zealand infantry officer - Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Plugge of the Auckland Regiment NZEF. It formed part of the 'Inner Defence Line' and the headquarters of ANZAC was once situated on its seaward slopes. The cemetery, the smallest at ANZAC, was started in 1915 and soldiers killed in the surrounding area were buried here. Eleven of the graves are men who fell on 25th April 1915, and three are from Field Artillery units located close by later in the campaign.


To reach Plugge's Plateau, you first have to visit Shrapnel Valley Cemetery. At the rear of this cemetery is a path which you follow uphill. The path is narrow and difficult in places, but not dangerous. On the last lap up to the cemetery there are signs of trenches, observation posts and machine-gun positions among the scrub.


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