Designed & Made by Mark Biddles

A somewhat unusual product - these model trenches were sent to me by a friend of someone who had been on a battlefield tour with me. They are designed largely for the growing WW1 wargame market, where table-top battles using model figures and terrain re-fight battles of the Great War using rule-sets and dice.

The trenches sent to me are in 10mm scale; meaning they are designed for use with figures 10mm high. Larger scales are under consideration. Each section of trench is inter-changeable, so that a number of systems can be constructed. The trenches are all artificially wide so that figures mounted on bases can sit in them, but they are very realistic - with simulated wooden trench supports, sandbags, firing positions, and a trench mortar/artillery position was also included in the sample. Outside the area of the trenches the ground is pock-marked, and some sections of trench also included large shell craters. Dug-outs and command posts will be released shortly.

trench02.JPG (59316 bytes) trench03.JPG (47950 bytes) trench04.JPG (40111 bytes)
Trench section with TM or Artillery Position. Trench section with 10mm figure to show scale. Trench junction with 10mm figure to show scale.

While mainly of interest to wargamers, these trenches would also be a good display piece among your Great War militaria, or a useful education tool to visually explain the layout of a WW1 trench system.

They come made of resin, and unpainted, although Mark Biddles will paint some small orders for additonal cost.

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