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Early in 1918 the four machine gun companies of each Division were formed into machine gun battalions. In the Guards Division they became the 4th Battalion Machine Gun Guards on 1.3.18. By a Royal Warrant of 10 May 1918 the Guards Machine Gun Regiment was formed and it the Guards Division machine gun unit became the 4th (Foot Guards) Battalion of the new regiment. On 11.11.18 it was in the Mauberge area, France. 

The three Household Cavalry regiments formed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Guards Machine Gun Regiment. 


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Available from Naval & Military Press.


Guards Division History - elsewhere on this website, giving a history of the Guards Division in WW1.

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N.B. Only battalions that saw overseas service are listed here. Units that stayed in England are not shown.

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