AIF - 6
NZ - 4


The Nek is formed where Monash Valley and Malone's Gully cut deeply into both sides of Baby 700. It is forever associated with the Australian Light Horse, who made costly attacks here in August 1915 immortalised in Peter Weir's film Gallipoli. The cemetery was made in 1919, when the IWGC found the ground here literally covered with the remains of the men who had fallen in 1915. Few were ever identified, which is reflected in the cemetery with only five known burials and five special memorials. However, the majority of the unknowns will undoubtedly be soldiers from the 8th and 10th Light Horse killed on 7th August.


The Nek Cemetery is down a track, off the main road up from ANZAC to Chunuk Bair. You must park your car close to a Turkish Memorial to Sergeant Mehmet and walk - Walker's Ridge Cemetery is a little way further along. There are good views down to ANZAC from here, and north to Suvla. A system of trenches have been reconstructed and 'preserved' close to the cemetery, and are worth exploring: we found a NZ button here in May 2000!

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