UK - 657
Special Memorials - 49


The neighbourhood of Vendresse was the scene of repeated and severe fighting in which British troops took part in both 1914 and 1918. Vendresse British Cemetery was made after the Armistice by the concentration of graves from other cemeteries and from the battlefields. Most are men killed in the Battle of the Marne September 1914 and the German attack on the Chemin des Dames on 27th May 1918. The following were among the burial grounds from which British graves were moved to Vendresse British Cemetery after WW1:

BEAURIEUX FRENCH MILITARY CEMETERY, where 16 British soldiers were buried by the Germans in May-July 1918. 
BOURG-ET-COMIN FRENCH MILITARY CEMETERIES "A" and "B (Madagascar)", where two British soldiers were buried, one in 1914 and one in 1918. 
CALIFORNE FRENCH MILITARY CEMETERY, CRAONNE, where one British soldier was buried by the enemy in May 1918. 
CERNY-EN-LAONNOIS FRENCH NATIONAL and GERMAN CEMETERIES, both great permanent burial grounds; 59 British soldiers were buried in the German in 1914, and nine in the French in 1914 and 1918. CHAMOUILLE GERMAN CEMETERY, where 16 British soldiers were buried in 1914. 
CHIVY-LES-ETOUVELLES GERMAN CEMETERIES, four in number, containing graves of 13 British soldiers who fell in 1914. 
MORIEULOIS GERMAN CEMETERY, CREPY-EN-LAONNOIS, where seven British soldiers were buried in July and August, 1918. 
MOUSSY-SUR-AISNE CHURCHYARD, where 14 British soldiers were buried in September, 1914. OEUILLY CHURCHYARD, AISNE, which contained four British graves of 1914. 
TROYON CHURCHYARD, AISNE, which contained 50 British graves of 1914. 
VERNEUIL CHATEAU MILITARY CEMETERY, where 46 British soldiers were buried in 1914 from the Dressing Station in the Chateau. In October, 1915, the French 57th Infantry Regiment erected a stone memorial (now removed to Vendresse) to their British comrades. 
VERNEUIL CHURCHYARD, MARNE, where one British soldier was buried in October, 1914.


Vendresse-Beaulne is a village in the Department of the Aisne 16 kilometres south of Laon. Vendresse British Cemetery is 800 metres north of the village on the west side of the road to Laon.

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